Over the last 20+ years, Russell Rigby has been involved in bringing forward a large number of what are now very well known commercial developments. Our range of developments and regeneration services are aimed at achieving creative and well planned development based on best practice, straight forward advice, communication with all key stakeholders and where possible, the delivery of added value.

We are used to working with the professionals in the development process including planning specialists, architects, engineers, etc., which effectively means that all the specialists can pool their skills in order to maximise the value of the client’s asset, whether they be Greenfield or Brownfield opportunities.

A growing area of our business now involves providing advice to a wide range of local authorities, public sector agency, and land owners, to bring forward mixed use regeneration projects. Our input is wide and varied but tends to be centred around our market knowledge which we can use to help shape project viability and feasibility property market assessment.